Bassoon Apps, Books, Blogs, Podcasts and YouTube

It might not seem like there is a lot of great bassoon content out there, but you just have to know where to look! Check out some of my favorite apps, channels, podcasts, books and more.

For all of my favorite recordings and inspiration, be sure to check out my free Recommended Listening Playlist.

My Favorite Music Apps

  • Tonal Energy metronome, tuner, and super useful recording application.
  • iCScores & ForScore: scan or download sheet music to your iPhone/iPad. 
  • CamScanner: Scan sheet music and turn it into high quality PDFs.
  • ReadRhythm: Great app for practicing sightreading and tapping different rhythms.

My Favorite Bassoon YouTube Channels

  • Eryn Oft an informative, fun channel from a fantastic bassoon teacher. She posts great videos on caring for your instrument, improving your skills and making reeds.
  • Kristin Wolfe Jensen Professor of Bassoon at UT shares performance videos and the best reed making tutorials on YouTube.
  • George Sakakeeny Professor of Bassoon at Eastman shares videos from performances and recitals. Some of the most beautiful bassoon playing on YouTube.
  • The Breaking Winds fun transcriptions and silly bassoonery from four extremely talented classically trained ladies.
  • Bassoonify awesome transcriptions of video game and pop songs with all four parts performed by one bassoonist!

Check out this post for my favorite fun videos on YouTube.

My Favorite Blogs & Podcasts

  • Double Reed Dish, Podcast hosted by Jacqueline Wilson, Bassoon and Galit Kaunitz, Oboe for oboists, bassoonists, and the people who love them. Enjoy tips, tricks and stories from some of the greatest teachers and performers around.
  • Green Room Conversations, Podcast Co-hosts Kevin Chavez, Ryan Hartman and Dr. Carol Ann Aicher host this podcast centered around the topic of how to “make it” in the performing arts (Classical Music and Broadway). Interviewing established performers, composers, teachers, coaches, recording engineers, entrepreneurs, administrators, trustees, and entrepreneurs in the music community, their hope is to inspire students and those finding their own path to “making it” in the performing arts.
  • William Short, Blog is the principle bassoonist of the Metropolitan Opera (and a dear friend I met back in Middle School at region band auditions!) He writes engaging pieces on practicing, demystifying success on the bassoon and sharing helpful tricks from his experience as a renowned teacher and performer.
  • Bulletproof Musician, Blog excellent blog that will help you figure out what it takes to rise above the nerves, distractions, and pressures of a performance, and when the moment of truth arrives, play the way you know you can.
  • Barri Stees, Blog from Cleveland Orchestra bassoonist, Barrick Stees. Updates on the bassoon world, brilliant, thoughtful musical insights and posts from the road.

Bassoon Music Websites

  • Music and the Bassoon free exercises, etudes, songs, videos, and recordings for beginning to intermediate students. Courtesy of Kristin Wolfe-Jense, Professor of Bassoon at the University of Texas.
  • Bassoon Solos free solos and folks songs divided into 4 levels for beginning to intermediate students courtesy of Dr. Laura McIntyre.
  • Orchestral Bassoon a listing of frequently required orchestral excerpts along with recordings, music and practice tips for advanced students and professionals. Courtesy of Dr. Brett Van Gansbeke.
  • ISMLP free public domain sheet music. You can even find the Weissenborn 50 advanced studies for free online!

Bassoon Books

  • Making Reeds Start to Finish a comprehensive reed making book covering everything from history of the bassoon and tone production to every step of the reed making and finishing process. Also the process I use for making my reeds. 
  • Quick Guide to Bassoon Reed Tuning: Built on Mark Eubank's earlier publications, he presents a new step-by-step method for complete reed tuning. This booklet also includes a synopsis of bassoon reed design elements that affect tuning, and additional tuning factors related to the bassoon, bocal and tone production issues. The publication is packed with information to help the bassoonist go to a problem, test it and fix it. 
  • Bassoon Strategies for the Next Level: Chris Weait's guide takes you through all the techniques, skills and exercises you need to improve your playing with helpful guidance on topics such as articulation, technique, and tuning.
  • Sound in Motion: A Performer's Guide to Greater Musical Expression: Instrumentalists and vocalists alike will find that many of the ideas presented in this book will help develop their musicianship as well as their understanding of what makes a performance "musical."

Musical Organizations

  • International Double Reed Society: The world-wide organization of oboe and bassoon players, instrument manufacturers and enthusiasts. Tons of great insight on bassoon repertoire, free access to the forums, information about instruments and reeds and other great resources