Bocal Majority Wednesday: The Amplified Bassoon

On Day 3 of Bocal Majority, we got to experiment with the "Electric" Bassoon! The bassoon sound can be amplified through the use of a special bocal that is wired and attached to a guitar amplifier. You can also experiment with different sound effects by changing the settings on the amp or using a guitar pedal to modify the sound.

What We Played

To give everyone a chance to try the electric bassoon, we learned the bass line from Smoke on the Water. Download a copy to practice at home!

The Set Up

To play the amplified/electric bassoon you need your instrument, an amplifier, a bocal with pick up, and optionally a pre-amp. You can find the amplifier and pre-amp from any guitar store or online, but the special bocal will have to be from a bassoon specialist. I like the "Little Jake" Pickup with Fox 2C Bocal from Forrests Music since it comes with everything you need.

Jazz Bassoonists

If you are interested in hearing all of the amazing things you can do with an Electric Bassoon, you should check out the music of Paul Hanson and Mike Rabinowitz. These guys are experts at jazz, rock, improvisation and modified bassoon playing.