LMC Friday: Bassoon Maintenance & Accessories

On Friday we discussed some Bassoon Frequently Asked Questions, tried the electric bassoon, and discussed bassoon maintenance and repair. And don't forget, LMC students get a special discount on reeds and Blue Moon Bassoon Songbooks with code: LMC at checkout.

If you had a question we didn't get a chance to answer, submit it here and I will email you a response!

Bassoon Maintenance

  • Swab your bassoon with a silk bassoon swab every day to prevent wood rot and pad damage.
  • Clean your bocal once per month with warm water and dish soap + a bocal brush.
  • Keep your bassoon free of dust by wiping gently with a soft cloth or by using compressed air.
  • Make an annual cleaning and adjustment appointment to get the bassoon cleaned, oiled, and have any repairs done. 

My Favorite Supplies

My Favorite Reed Tools

Recommended Supplies on Amazon

Electric Bassoon Bocal

  • The electric bassoon works by amplifying the sound from a special bocal. Order online from Forrests Music cable complete with a modified bocal.
  • You'll also need a small amplifier (such as those for guitar).

Playing Bassoon in High School

  • If you have questions about what you should play for marching band or what bassoonists do in high school, check out this post!

Bassoon Repair & Supplies

  • Bassoon repair supplies can be purchased through Fox Bassoon Products online.
  • Most repair shops don't specialize in bassoon, if you need help repairing or adjusting your bassoon please contact me.
  • If you send your bassoon to the repair shop, write down your specific problems and check that they are all fixed when the bassoon returns.

Exploration Questions

  1. Where can I find bassoon supplies & tools online?
  2. How do I keep my bassoon clean and prevent damage?
  3. What do bassoonists do in high school?