LMC Friday: The Amplifed Bassoon

Exploration Questions

  • What is the amplified bassoon?

  • How can the bassoons sound be manipulated electronically?

  • What types of music can be performed by an amplified bassoon?

On the fifth day of LMC 2019 students learned a blues scale and rock and roll bass line and also got to try out the amplified bassoon.

Amplified Bassoon Parts

The bassoon is amplified by using a special type of bocal that has a wire. This connects to an amplifier which when combined allow bassoonists to electronically amplify their sound. You can also use guitar pedals to affect the bassoon pitch and get different effects.

Electric Bocal


Who Plays the Amplified Bassoon

Many jazz and rock and roll bassoonists use the amplified bassoon to play with guitarists, drummers, and other musicians that have a stronger sound. Amplified bassoon is also used in some contemporary classical music.