Reed Tools for Every Level

Tools I Use

Want to get started adjusting or making your own reeds but not sure where to get the supplies? Thankfully a lot of the basic reed tools can be found at the hardware store. Specialty tools are a little harder to find, but I'll provide links to all of my favorite tools.

Basic Tool Kit

These are the things every bassoonist needs in their toolkit. These tools will allow you to make basic adjustments to your reeds. I've listed the best inexpensive options, but you can certainly upgrade if you want!

With these items you can scrape and adjust your mostly finished reeds to make them even better or bring them back to life.

Forming & Wrapping

If you want to form your own reeds, you'll need to add a few more things to the Basic Tool Kit. Here's what you'll need to form and wrap reeds if you start with GSP cane.

Finishing & Adjusting

If you want to take your reeds to the next level, these items are pricey but can make a big difference in the quality and refinement of your reeds.