Bassoon Shops and Supplies

Here are my favorite bassoon shops and supplies. There are lots of great places to buy supplies, reeds, tools and cane on online these days, and a few local ones too.

Required Supplies for Beginners

Every beginning bassoonist should have the following supplies. All of these items can be found on or you may purchase them locally at Strait Music.

Here is my Amazon List with all of the required supplies.

  • 3 Handmade Reeds: I make and sell reeds for $16 each (discounted for my students). You will receive reeds at your first lesson.
  • Silk Bassoon Swab: doesn't get stuck as often as cotton.
  • Bocal Brush: to clean the inside of the bocal where most of the grime accumulates.
  • Cork Grease: any brand is fine
  • Plastic Reed Case: must have holes for ventilation, pegs not recommended
  • Water Container: must fit the entire reed
  • Music Stand: for practicing at home and performing events
  • Metronome/Tuner: for tracking tempos, practicing rhythms, and checking tuning.
  • Seat Strap: most bassoons come with a strap, so no need to purchase another one if you already have it

Your bassoonist will need to bring there instrument to and from school every day to practice. It can be heavy, so I recommend wrapping the handle in a cushion tape or using a rolling luggage cart if they find it too heavy.

Optional Supplies