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Why take lessons?

Lessons offer students the unique opportunity to focus on proper technique and musicality and learn repertoire one-on-one with the teacher. I assist in preparing them for class tests, concerts, auditions, and select music for any other performances. Working with students individually allows me to tailor every lesson to their skills and personal challenges. I will spend time listening to your student, playing with them to facilitate collaboration and develop their ear, as well as demonstrating techniques and music for them as needed.

Students who are enrolled in private lessons are generally more confident and successful in class, and tend to stick with the instrument longer than those without a private teacher. When surveyed anonymously, 98% of my students have said that taking lessons greatly increased their enjoyment of the bassoon. Many band directors, while extraordinarily gifted musicians and teachers, didn’t specialize on the bassoon. Having lessons with a bassoonist offers a chance for students to get answers to questions specific to the instrument, and allows the teacher to appropriately analyze and correct issues in the student's playing that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Recommended Lesson Length & Rates

For Middle School students, I recommend half class (25-30 minute) lessons every week. Bassoon is a very fun but also very complicated instrument. Since it can be a little overwhelming for beginning students, meeting regularly allows us continually reinforce good habits and address issues early on. High School students are encouraged to meet for 45 minutes or 60 minutes every week. Longer lessons allow us time to work on more advanced playing concepts, technique, and musicality and cover more material.

Lessons are billed monthly or per semester and are available before school, during band class, and after school. For individual lessons I charge $27 per half hour. I currently have very limited availability in my schedule. If you are interested in lessons, or would like to meet for a one-time lesson, please join my waiting list


I currently teach at the following schools, students at other locations are welcome to contact me regarding availability.

Middle Schools

  • Bee Cave Middle School

  • Bailey Middle School

  • Clint Small Middle School

  • Hill Country Middle School

  • Lake Travis Middle School

  • Hudson Bend Middle School

High Schools

  • Lake Travis High School

  • Westlake High School

  • Bowie High School