Quality bassoon supplies can be expensive, but handmade reeds can be affordable if you know where to look! Store bought reeds are typically made too long and too open, requiring significant adjustments to play with good tone and intonation. This forces most students to contort their embouchure to make a decent sound. Blue Moon Bassoon reeds are fully finished and every reed is tested for response and intonation, ensuring you don't waste money on bad reeds.

Teachers get a 15% discount on all orders, so please contact me for a discount code or request an invoice to be emailed to you below.

Standard Bassoon Reed: Handmade reeds with glue wrapping designed to play in tune without biting or pinching. Fully finished reeds that emphasize stable intonation, warm tone and ease of articulation.

Blue Moon Bassoon Songbook: Over 100 lines of familiar folk and classical tunes designed to take bassoonists from their first notes to their first orchestral excerpts. This book focuses on bassoon specific techniques such as half holing, flicking, vibrato and tenor clef. Pieces are sequenced to progress comfortably through new notes, keys, time signatures and rhythms as bassoonists develop their skills.

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